Anguilla visit to TCI

Early this year the decision was made by the Anguillan Government to have the Comptroller of Anguilla Customs, Mr. Travis Carty and Comptroller of the Revenue Department, Mr. Perin Bradley, visit the Turks and Caicos Islands to understudy the Collector and Revenue Commissioner.

As the Collector of Customs I am elated that of all the Customs Administrations within the region, the TCI Customs with our recent revamp, and subsequent successes, was seen to be the model department to conduct this understudy, and at this juncture, I must say congratulations to my staff, for making this possible.

The understudy commenced on the 20th of June and lasted for ten days. Both gentlemen commended the staff on their wonderful professional experience, and we vowed to continue to assist each other with the view to further strengthening our administrations.